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Guaranteed satisfaction or get your money back. Refund requests can be made by E-mail or by telephone. You will  be happy with your purchase experience, we guarantee it.
All refund requests must be initiated  within 45 days from date of purchase.

Nasty Products is not affiliated with any pool cleaner manufacturer.
Ask your dealer or manufacturer if disposable bags will void the manufacturer warranty.
Nasty Products makes no representation or claim, stated or implied as to the manufacturers continued warranty while using NastyBag.
Nasty Products guarantees its products to be free of defects
Nasty Products  will  replace bags shown to be defective or having poor workmanship. Misuse of bags and any incidental damge is soley the responsibility of the end user.

*TRADEMARK NOTICE:* TOMCAT® is a registered trademark of Aquaquality
Pools & Spas, Inc.
TOMCAT® parts are manufactured by Aquaquality Pools & Spas, Inc.
TOMCAT® parts will not be covered by Aqua Products' warranty.
However, if you have any question regarding TOMCAT® parts please call
Aquaquality Pools & Spas, Inc. at 1-866-876-8643